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Sinonimi: hydrophobia | madness

ETYM Latin See Rage.
Or hydrophobia; Viral disease of the central nervous system that can afflict all warm-blooded creatures. It is almost invariably fatal once symptoms have developed. Its transmission to humans is generally by a bite from an infected animal.
After an incubation period, which may vary from ten days to more than a year, symptoms of fever, muscle spasm, and delirium develop. As the disease progresses, the mere sight of water is enough to provoke convulsions and paralysis. Death is usual within four or five days from the onset of symptoms. Injections of rabies vaccine and antiserum may save those bitten by a rabid animal from developing the disease. Louis Pasteur was the first to produce a preventive vaccine, and the Pasteur Institute was founded to treat the disease.
As a control measure for foxes and other wild animals, vaccination (by bait) is recommended. In France, Germany, and the border areas of Austria and the Czech Republic foxes are now vaccinated against rabies with capsules distributed by helicopter. In spring 1994 six million vaccination baits were scattered across the border areas of Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Hungary to extend the vaccination area within Europe.
An acute viral disease of the nervous system of warm-blooded animals (usually transmitted by the bite of a rabid animal); SYN. hydrophobia, madness.
Infectious madness in dogs; hydrophobia.

1. besnilo


Bolest poznata još iz antičkih vremena. Bolesnik posle kraćeg vremena groznice umire od paralize, prenose je zaražene životinje. Virus je izolovao Luj Paster.

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