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quest [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Fren. queste, French quęte, from Latin quaerere, quaesitum, to seek for, to ask. Related to Query, Question.
The act of searching for something; SYN. seeking.

istraživanje [ imenica ]

potražnja [ ženski rod ]

Zahtev, potraživanje.

traganje [ imenica ]

traženje [ imenica ]

quest [ glagol ]
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To make a search (for).
To search the trail of, as of game.
To go in search of or hunt for; SYN. go after, quest after, pursue.
To seek alms, as for religious purposes.

istraživati [ glagol ]

tragati [ glagol ]

Učestvovati u traganju.

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