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pump [ imenica ]
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A device that moves fluid or gas by pressure or suction. Any device for moving liquids and gases, or compressing gases. Some pumps, such as the traditional lift pump used to raise water from wells, work by a reciprocating (up-and-down) action. Movement of a piston in a cylinder with a one-way valve creates a partial vacuum in the cylinder, thereby sucking water into it. Gear pumps, used to pump oil in a car’s lubrication system, have two meshing gears that rotate inside a housing, and the teeth move the oil. Rotary pumps contain a rotor with vanes projecting from it inside a casing, sweeping the oil round as they move.
A low-cut shoe without fastenings; a shoe that grips the foot chiefly at the toe and heel; especially; a close-fitting woman's dress shoe with a moderate to high heel SYN. pumps.

pumpa [ ženski rod ]

Šmrk, crpka, sisaljka (za vodu, vazduh i dr.) (nem.)

sisaljka [ ženski rod ]

vodocrp [ muški rod ]

šmrk [ muški rod ]

Deo vatrogasnog creva (za prskanje).

pump [ glagol ]
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To raise with a pump; said of gases or fluids.
To operate like a pump; move up and down, like a handle or a pedal.
To draw or pour with a pump.
To flow intermittently.
To move up and down, as of weights.
To question persistently
To supply in great quantities
To deliver forth, especially bullets from a gun

napuniti [ glagol ]

pumpati [ glagol ]

pumpni generator [ glagol ]

smestiti [ glagol ]

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