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pulse-code modulation


A method of encoding information in a signal by varying the amplitude of pulses. Unlike pulse amplitude modulation (PAM), in which pulse amplitude can vary continuously, pulse code modulation limits pulse amplitudes to several predefined values. Because the signal is discrete, or digital, rather than analog, pulse code modulation is more immune to noise than PAM. Acronym: PCM. Compare pulse amplitude modulation, pulse duration modulation, pulse position modulation.A method of quantizing audio-range analog signals into a digital form for transmission in digital communications systems, or for processing in DSP. Effectively the same as analog-to-digital conversion.
(PCM) In physics, a form of digital modulation in which microwaves or light waves (the carrier waves) are switched on and off in pulses of varying length according to a binary code. It is a relatively simple matter to transmit data that are already in binary code, such as those used by computer, by these means. However, if an analog audio signal is to be transmitted, it must first be converted to a pulse-amplitude modulated signal (PAM) by regular sampling of its amplitude. The value of the amplitude is then converted into a binary code for transmission on the carrier wave.

1. impulsna modulacija

ženski rodtelekomunikacije

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