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ETYM French.
The working class; the body of proletarians.
Working classes.
In Marxist theory, those classes in society that possess no property, and therefore depend on the sale of their labor or expertise (as opposed to the capitalists or bourgeoisie, who own the means of production, and the petty bourgeoisie, or working small-property owners). They are usually divided into the industrial, agricultural, and intellectual proletariat.
The term is derived from Latin “proletarii”, “the class possessing no property”, whose contribution to the state was considered to be their offspring, “proles”.

1. proletarijat

muški rod

Klasa savremenog društva koja nema sredstva za proizvodnju i živi samo od rada u najmu; radnička klasa; osnovna proizvođačka i eksploatisana klasa savremenog društva.

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