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polo [ imenica {sport} ]
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Stick-and-ball game played between two teams of four on horseback. It originated in Iran, spread to India and was first played in England 186Polo is played on the largest field of any game, measuring up to 2m/3yd by 1m/2yd. A small solid ball is struck with the side of a longhandled mallet through goals at each end of the field. A typical match lasts about an hour, and is divided into “chukkas” of 7˝ minutes each. No pony is expected to play more than two chukkas in the course of a day.
A game similar to field hockey but played on horseback using long-handled mallets and a wooden ball.

polo [ muški rod {sport} ]

Igra kečenja lopte s konja, slična hokeju, nastala u Persiji, postoje priče da se nekad umesto lopte koristila glava ubijenog neprijatelja.
Četiri jahača na konjima (ili na biciklima) suprotstavljaju se istom broju jahača i, dugačkim štapovima, guraju loptu u gol (eng.)

Polo [ muški rod {N/A} ]
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(1254-132Venetian traveler and writer. He joined his father (Niccolo) and uncle (Maffeo), who had traveled to China as merchants (1260–69), when they began a journey overland back to China (1271). Once there, he learned Mongolian and served the emperor Kubla Khan until he returned to Europe by sea 1292–95.
He was captured while fighting for Venice against Genoa, and, while in prison 1296–9dictated an account of his travels. These accounts have remained the primary source of information about the Far East until the 19th century.

Polo [ muški rod {N/A} ]

Venecijanski putnik i pisac, rodom sa Korčule.

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