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piston [ imenica {mehanika} ]
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ETYM French piston; cf. Italian pistone piston, also pestone a large pestle; all from Latin pinsere, pistum, to pound, to stamp. Related to Pestle, Pistil.
A part of a machine that has a plunging or thrusting motion; SYN. plunger.
Barrel-shaped device used in reciprocating engines (steam, gasoline, diesel oil) to harness power. Pistons are driven up and down in cylinders by expanding steam or hot gases. They pass on their motion via a connecting rod and crank to a crankshaft, which turns the driving wheels. In a pump or compressor, the role of the piston is reversed, being used to move gases and liquids. See also internal-combustion engine.

klip [ muški rod ]

Kukuruzni klas.

pokretni klip [ muški rod ]

ventil [ muški rod {mehanika} ]

Oduška, mehanička naprava, obično od metala, pomoću koje se vrši otvaranje i zatvaranje propusta za vazduh, tečnosti, gasove, pare i dr., zalistak.

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