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ping [ glagol ]
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To hit with a pinging noise
To make a short high-pitched sound, as of a bullet striking metal.
Said of car engines: to make a pinging noise when spark plugs fire too early; SYN. knock.

zviždati [ glagol ]

ping [ imenica {računari} ]
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Acronym for Packet Internet Groper. A protocol for testing whether a particular computer is connected to the Internet by sending a packet to its IP address and waiting for a response. The name actually comes from submarine active sonar, where a sound signal—called a “ping”—is broadcast, and surrounding objects are revealed by their reflections of the sound.
A UNIX utility that implements the ping protocol. A utility that verifies the integrity of a network connection.

PING [ muški rod {računari} ]

(Packet InterNet Groper). Program kojim se ispituje veza na Internetu. Radi tako što pošalje kratku poruku (paket) prema IP adresi drugog računara i provjerava da li je od njega stigao odgovor.

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