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Sinonimi: pilgrim's journey

ETYM Old Eng. pilgrimage, pelgrinage; cf. French pčlerinage.
A journey to a sacred place; SYN. pilgrim's journey.
Journey to sacred places inspired by religious devotion. For Hindus, the holy places include Varanasi and the purifying river Ganges; for Buddhists, the places connected with the crises of Buddha's career; for the ancient Greeks, the shrines at Delphi and Ephesus, among others; for Jews, the sanctuary at Jerusalem; and for Muslims, Mecca.
Among Christians, pilgrimages were common by the 2nd century, and as a direct result of the growing frequency and numbers of pilgrimages there arose numerous hospices catering to pilgrims, the religious orders of knighthood, and the Crusades. The great centers of Christian pilgrimages have been, or still are, Jerusalem, Rome, the tomb of St James of Compostela in Spain, the shrine of Becket in Canterbury, England, and the holy places at La Salette and Lourdes in France.

1. hadžiluk

muški rod

Putovanje na poklonjenje sv. mestima (u Meku i Jerusalim), hodočašće.

2. hodočašće


Čin hodočasnika.

3. putovanje


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