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Sinonimi: mouse hare | rock rabbit | coney | cony

Small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America; SYN. mouse hare, rock rabbit, coney, cony.
Or mouse-harel Any small mammal of the family Ochotonidae, belonging to the order Lagomorpha (rabbits and hares). The single genus Ochotona contains about 15 species, most of which live in mountainous regions of Asia, although two species are native to North America.
Pikas have short, rounded ears, and most species are about 20 cm/8 in long, with grayish-brown fur and no visible tail. Their warning call is a sharp whistle. They are vegetarian and in late summer cut grasses and other plants and place them in piles to dry as hay, which is then stored for the winter.

1. pika

ženski rodživotinja

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