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A technique used in the fabrication of integrated circuits. The circuit pattern is drawn, photographed, and reduced to a negative having the desired final size. This negative is called the photomask. Light is passed through the photomask onto a wafer made of semiconductor material that has been coated with a photoresistive material. Where light strikes the photoresistive material, its composition is changed. In the next step, the photoresistive material not affected by light is washed off. Finally, the semiconductor material is exposed to an etching solution that eats away the surface not protected by the photoresistive material, creating the desired circuit pattern on the surface of the wafer. See also photomask, photoresist.
A planographic printing process using plates made from a photographic image.
Printing process using photographically prepared plates (abbr. photolitho).

1. fotolitografija

ženski rodelektrotehnika

Prenošenje fotografskih slika na litografski kamen.

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