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Colorless poison gas made from chlorine and carbon monoxide.
Common name for carbonyl chloride, used as a chemical weapon in World War i. It is not immediately irritating when inhaled but causes an acute inflammation of the lungs; victims frequently felt quite well after a short rest but then died suddenly a few days later.
First used by the Germans in a cloud attack Dec 1915, it was rapidly adopted by the other combatants and became the principal battle gas of the Allies. More than 80% of the gas casualties of the war were caused by phosgene.
A colorless poisonous gas that smells like new-mown hay; used in chemical warfare.

1. fosgen

muški rodhemija

"Svetlošću stvoreni gas", ugljen-oksihlorid, veoma otrovan gas, miriše na trulo voće; u tehnici se upotrebljava za spravljanje raznih bojenih materija; inače opasan bojni otrov.

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