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ETYM New Lat., from Greek pharynx: cf. French pharynx.
Part of throat between mouth and esophagus. Muscular cavity behind the nose and mouth, extending downward from the base of the skull. Its walls are made of muscle strengthened with a fibrous layer and lined with mucous membrane. The internal nostrils lead backward into the pharynx, which continues downward into the esophagus and (through the epiglottis) into the windpipe. On each side, a Eustachian tube enters the pharynx from the middle ear cavity.
The upper part (nasopharynx) is an airway, but the remainder is a passage for food. Inflammation of the pharynx is named pharyngitis.
The part of the alimentary canal between the cavity of the mouth and the esophagus. It has one or two external openings through the nose in the higher vertebrates, and lateral branchial openings in fishes and some amphibians.

1. farinks

muški rodanatomija

Ždrelo (početak jednjaka), jednjak, ždrelo, grkljan, grlo. (grč.)