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persistence [ imenica ]
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A characteristic of some light-emitting materials, such as the phosphors used in CRTs, that causes an image to be retained for a short while after being irradiated, as by an electron beam in a CRT. The decay in persistence is sometimes called luminance decay.

doslednost [ ženski rod ]

Istrajnost, upornost.

istrajnost [ ženski rod ]

Upornost, izdržaljivost, doslednost.

izdržljivost [ ženski rod ]

Upornost, istrajnost.

trajanje [ imenica ]


upornost [ ženski rod ]

Istrajnost, izdržljivost, doslednost.

persistencija [ ženski rod ]

Istrajnost, postojanost, stalnost, izdržljivost, upornost; tvrdoglavost. (lat.)

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