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Pentium [ imenica {N/A} ]
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A family of 32-bit microprocessors introduced by Intel in March 19as the successor to the i48The Pentium family is composed of superscalar, CISC-based microprocessors containing between 3 million (earlier models) and million transistors. They have a 32-bit address bus, a 64-bit data bus, a built-in floating-point unit and memory management unit, built-in caches, and a System Management Mode (SMM), which provides the microprocessor with the ability to slow or halt some system components when the system is idle or performing non-CPU-intensive tasks, thereby lessening power consumption. The Pentium also employs branch prediction, resulting in faster system performance. In addition, the Pentium has built-in features to ensure data integrity, and it supports functional redundancy checking (FRC). The Pentium II introduced MMX media enhancement support. See also branch prediction, CISC, functional redundancy checking, i486DX, L1 cache, L2 cache, microprocessor, MMX, PSIMD, superscalar.
Microchip produced by Intel 199The Pentium was designed to take advantage of the PCI local bus architecture, which increases the bandwidth available between devices.
An error in the 5 million Pentium chips manufactured 1993–Dec 19is expected to cost Intel at least $million to replace the chips.
Details of the P6 chip that will replace the Pentium were released Feb 199P6 contains 5.5 million transistors compared with Pentium's 3.1 million.

Pentijum [ muški rod {računari} ]

Marka mikroprocesora čii proizvođač je Intel. Čak i ljudi koji ne prave reklame za Intel smatraju da ovaj naslednik čipa 4revolucionaran zbog svoje brzine i efikasnosti. Intel je nameravao da ga nazove čip 58ali nije mogao da dobije autorska prava, pa ga je nazvao Pentijum.

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