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peel [ imenica ]
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(Homonym: peal).
The rind of a fruit.
A thin layer of organic material that is embedded in a film of collodion and stripped from the surface of an object (as a plant fossil) for microscopic study.
Chemical peel.
A usually long-handled spade-shaped instrument that is used chiefly by bakers for getting something (as bread or pies) into or out of the oven.
Medieval small massive fortified tower along the Scottish-English border — called also peel tower.

kora [ ženski rod ]

Spoljni omotač drveta.

peel [ glagol ]
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ETYM Confused with peel to strip, but from French piller to pillage. Related to Pill to rob, Pillage.
(Homonym: peal).
To remove the top layer of something, such as the rind of a fruit.
To strip off an outer layer of.
To remove by stripping.
To take off one's clothes.
To break away from a group or formation — often used with off.

guliti se [ glagol ]

ljuštiti [ glagol ]

oljuštiti [ glagol ]

skinuti [ glagol ]

Svući sa sebe.

izguliti [ glagol ]

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