patchwork | englesko - srpski prevod



Sinonimi: patchwork quilt | hodgepodge | jumble

1. A quilt made by sew patches of different materials together; SYN. patchwork quilt.
2. A theory or argument made up of miscellaneous or incongruous ideas; SYN. hodgepodge, jumble.
3. Pieces of different materials sewn together in a pattern.
Textile technique used mainly for quilts and bedcovers. Small pieces of fabric, often offcuts, in varying colors and patterns are sewn together by the edges, usually in a geometric pattern, to form one large piece of material. Patchwork fabrics were popular for dresses in the 1960s. The technique is of peasant origin, a way of recycling old fabrics.

1. krparija

ženski rod

2. krpež

muški rod

3. krpljenje