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Sinonimi: parthenogeny | virgin birth | parthenogeny

ETYM Greek parthenos a virgin + Eng. genesis.
1. Human conception without fertilization by a man; SYN. parthenogeny, virgin birth.
2. Process in which an unfertilized egg develops into a new individual; common among insects and some other arthropods; SYN. parthenogeny.
Reproduction by a virgin or by means of an unfertilized egg.
Development of an ovum (egg) without any genetic contribution from a male. Parthenogenesis is the normal means of reproduction in a few plants (for example, dandelions) and animals (for example, certain fish). Some sexually reproducing species, such as aphids, show parthenogenesis at some stage in their life cycle to accelerate reproduction to take advantage of good conditions.
In most cases, there is no sperm contribution of any kind, but in some the stimulus of being penetrated by a sperm is needed by the egg to start dividing, although the male's chromosomes are not combined with those of the female. Parthenogenesis can be artificially induced in many animals (such as sea urchins and rabbits) by cooling, pricking, or applying acid to an egg.

1. bespolno razmnožavanje


2. partenogeneza

ženski rod

Razvijanje jaja ili rađanje živih mladunaca bez prethodnog oplođenja (poglavito kod ljuskara, škrgonožaca, zatim kod kukaca, npr. lisnih osa, osa šišaruša i, donekle, kod pčela); kod bilja ova osobina je utvrđena samo kod nekih alga; teol. bezgrešno začeće Isusa Hrista. (grč.)