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Not within the range of, or explicable by, established science. Paranormal phenomena include extrasensory perception (esp) which takes in clairvoyance, precognition, and telepathy; telekinesis, the movement of objects from one position to another by human mental concentration; and mediumship, supposed contact with the spirits of the dead, usually via an intermediate “guide” in the other world. Parapsychology is the study of such phenomena.
Paranormal phenomena are usually attributed to the action of an unknown factor, psi.
There have been many reports of sporadic paranormal phenomena, the most remarkable being reports by one person, or occasionally more, of apparitions or hallucinatory experiences associated with another person's death.
Not in accordance with scientific laws

1. paranormalan


Natprirodan, protivprirodan, pojam iz parapsihologije, tj. sve one pojave koje se mogu objasniti prirodnim putem (grč.-lat.)

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