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nobility [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin nobilitas: cf. Old Fren. nobilité. Related to Noble.
A privileged class holding hereditary titles; SYN. aristocracy.
The quality of being exalted in character or ideals or conduct; SYN. magnanimousness, grandeur.
The state of being of noble birth; SYN. noblesse.
The ranks of society who originally enjoyed certain hereditary privileges. Their wealth was mainly derived from land. In many societies until the 20th century, they provided the elite personnel of government and the military.

otmenost [ ženski rod ]

Uglađenost, gospodstvenost.

plemenitost [ ženski rod ]


plemići [ N/A ]

plemstvo [ imenica ]

Noblesa, nobles.

velikodušnost [ ženski rod ]

nobilitet [ muški rod ]

Plemstvo, plemićko poreklo, plemićki stalež, plemići; plemićki duh. (lat.)

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