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Sinonimi: umbilicus | bellybutton | omphalos | omphalus | navel point

ETYM as. nafela, from nafu nave; akin to Dutch navel, German nabel, Old High Germ. nabolo, Icel. nafli, Dan. navle, Swed. nafle, Latin umbilicus, Greek omphalos, Skr. nâbhîla. Related to Nave hub, and cf. Omphalic, Nombril, Umbilical.
Or umbilicus; Small indentation in the center of the abdomen of mammals, marking the site of attachment of the umbilical cord, which connects the fetus to the placenta.(Homonym: naval).
1. Scar where the umbilical cord was attached; SYN. umbilicus, bellybutton, omphalos, omphalus.
2. The center point or middle of something; SYN. navel point.

1. pupak

muški rod

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