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Short for metamorphosing. A process by which one image is gradually transformed into another, creating the illusion of a metamorphosis occurring in a short time. A common motion picture special-effects technique, morphing is available in many advanced computer animation packages. See also tween.
The metamorphosis of one shape or object into another by computer-generated animation. First used in filmmaking 1990, it has transformed cinema special effects. Conventional animation is limited to two dimensions; morphing enables the creation of three-dimensional transformations.
To create such effects, the start and end of the transformation must be specified on screen using a wire-frame model that mathematically defines the object. To make the object three-dimensional, the wire can be extruded from a cross-section or turned as on a lathe to produce an evenly turned surface. This is then rendered, or filled in and shaded. Once the beginning and end objects have been created the computer can calculate the morphing process.
Morphing is a lengthy process as every detail about the object’s color, lighting, reflectiveness, surface texture, transparency, and location must be specified. A technique known as “ray tracing” calculates how the light directed at the object reaches it, with what intensity, and in what areas. The computer then calculates the color intensity of each pixel (single dot on the screen) that makes up the object.
Morphing has many scientific uses; for example, it can be used by a paleontologist to reconstruct a skull from a handful of teeth.

1. preobražavanje


1. Grafički trik pomoću koga se jedna slika neprimetno preobražava u drugu. Preobražavanje je popularan specijalan efekat koji je korišćen u filmovima kakav je, recimo, "Terminator 2" i na raznim muzičkim spotovima. Pomoću specijalnog grafičkog softvera, takve efekte možete koristiti i na svom PC računaru. Može se koristiti i reč morf. U vezi je sa grčkom reči metamorfoza, preobražaj.

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