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moor [ pridev ]
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močvaran [ pridev ]

moor [ imenica ]
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(Homonym: more).
Open land usually with peaty soil covered with heather and bracken and moss; SYN. moorland.
In earth science, a stretch of land, usually at a height, which is characterized by a vegetation of heather, coarse grass, and bracken. A moor may be poorly drained and contain boggy hollows.

baruština [ ženski rod ]

Močvara, rit.

močvarno tlo [ imenica ]

močvarno zemljište [ imenica ]

Moor [ imenica ]
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Any of the NW African Muslims, of mixed Arab and Berber origin, who conquered Spain and ruled its southern part from 7to 149when they were forced to renounce their faith and became Christian (they were then known as Moriscos). The name (English form of Latin Maurus) was originally applied to an inhabitant of the Roman province of Mauritania, in NW Africa.
One of the Muslim people of North Africa; of mixed Arab and Berber descent; converted to Islam in the 8th century; conquerors of Spain in the 8th century.

Marokanac [ muški rod ]

Stanovnik Maroka.

Mavar [ muški rod ]

Musliman iz severozapadne Afrike.

moor [ glagol ]
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To secure in or as if in a berth; of ships; SYN. berth.
To secure with cables or ropes

usidriti [ glagol ]

usidriti brod [ glagol ]

usidriti se [ glagol ]

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