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ETYM Old Eng. minstrel, menestral, Old Fren. menestrel, from Late Lat. ministerialis servant, workman (cf. ministrellus harpist), from Latin ministerium service. Related to Ministry, Ministerial.
A performer in a minstrel show.
Professional entertainer of any kind, but particularly a musician, in the 12th–17th centuries. Most common in the Middle Ages, minstrels were usually in the service of a court or of a member of the aristocracy. In the 19th century, a minstrel was one of a group of white entertainers popular in the US who painted their faces black and impersonated the music and humor of workers from the Southern plantations.

1. minstrel

muški rod

Pevač, guslar, pevač-zabavljač (u srednjem veku u Engleskoj i Franuskoj) (eng.)

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