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Evangelical Protestant Christian movement that was founded by John Wesley 1739 within the Church of England, but became a separate body 1795. The Methodist Episcopal Church was founded in the us 1784. There are over 50 million Methodists worldwide.
The itinerant, open-air preaching of John and Charles Wesley and George Whitefield drew immense crowds and led to a revival of faith among members of the English working and agricultural classes who were alienated from the formalism and conservatism of the Church of England. The Methodist emphasis on emotion and the conversion experience proved equally popular in America, where the Wesleys went to preach in 1735. As the movement grew there during the Great Awakening, Wesley encouraged the formation of an independent American Methodist Church. Methodist doctrines are contained in Wesley’s sermons and Notes on the New Testament. There are now more than 20 separate Methodist groups in the us. The largest, the Methodist Church, was formed through the merger of various Methodist groups in 1938 and 1968.

1. metodizam

muški rod

Strogo utvrđen način poučavanja i izvođenja nastave; naročito: učenje i način života metodista. (grč.)

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