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ETYM New Lat., from Greek meniskos, dim. of mhnh the moon.
(Irregular plural: meniscuses, or: menisci).
Crescent-shaped object; concave lens.
Crescent-shaped object, especially cartilage of knee; concavo-convex lens; curved surface of liquid in a tube.
In physics, the curved shape of the surface of a liquid in a thin tube, caused by the cohesive effects of surface tension (capillary action). When the walls of the container are made wet by the liquid, the meniscus is concave, but with highly viscous liquids (such as mercury) the meniscus is convex. Meniscus is also the name of a concavo-convex or convexo-concave lens.
A disk of cartilage that serves as a cusion between the ends of bones that meet at a point.
The curved top of a column of liquid (water, oil, mercury) in a small tube. When the liquid wets the sides of the container (as with water), the curve forms a valley. When the confining sides are not wetted (as with mercury), the curve forms a hill or upward bulge.

1. menisk

muški rodanatomija

Srpasta hrskavica među zglobovima.

2. meniskus

muški rodanatomija

Srpasta, polukružna hrskavica između zglobova. (grč.)