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melt [ imenica ]
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Material in the molten state; the mass melted at a single operation or the quantity melted during a specified period
The action or process of melting or the period during which it occurs; the condition of being melted
A sandwich with melted cheese
Spleen; especially; spleen of slaughtered animals for use as feed or food

taljenje [ imenica ]

topljenje [ imenica ]

melt [ glagol ]
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To lose its distinct outline or shape
To reduce from a solid to a liquid state, usually by heating; SYN. run, melt down.

gubiti snagu [ glagol ]

omekšati [ glagol ]

rastopiti se [ glagol ]

rastvarati se [ glagol ]

slabiti [ glagol ]

Gubiti snagu.

slivati se [ glagol ]

stapati se [ glagol ]

taliti [ glagol ]

topiti se [ glagol ]

Otapati se.

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