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manifesto [ imenica ]
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A public declaration of intentions (as issued by a political party or government); SYN. pronunciamento.
In politics, the published prospectus of a party, setting out the policies that the party will pursue if elected to govern. When elected to power a party will often claim that the contents of its manifesto constitute a mandate to introduce legislation to bring these policies into effect.
In art, a manifesto is a document setting out the aims and aspirations of an artistic movement. For example, the Futurists and the Surrealists published manifestoes.

javni proglas [ muški rod ]

manifest [ muški rod ]

Proglas, objava, obznana; proglas koji upućuje vlada narodu o nekom važnom pitanju da bi nagovestila, objasnila ili opravdala svoje držanje i postupke; v. Komunistički manifest. (lat.)

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