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Sinonimi: king of beasts | Panthera leo

ETYM French lion, Latin leo, -onis, akin to Greek leon. Related to Chameleon, Dandelion, Leopard.
Large gregarious predatory feline of Africa and India having a tawny coat with a shaggy mane in the male; SYN. king of beasts, Panthera leo.
Cat Panthera leo, now found only in Africa and NW India. The coat is tawny, the young having darker spot markings that usually disappear in the adult. The male has a heavy mane and a tuft at the end of the tail. Head and body measure about 2 m/6 ft, plus 1 m/3 ft of tail, the lioness being slightly smaller. Lions produce litters of two to six cubs, and often live in prides of several adult males and females with several young.
Capable of short bursts of speed, they skillfully collaborate in stalking herbivorous animals. Old lions whose teeth and strength are failing may resort to eating humans. “Mountain lion” is a name for the puma.
Females remain with the pride while males remain only for a couple of years or so, before being supplanted by a competing coalition of males. Males tend to cannibalize the young; about a third of all young are eaten.
An epidemic of distemper was spreading through the 3,000 lions of the Serengeti 1994; 40 lions died between Feb and June.

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