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Sinonimi: landslip

1. A slide of a large mass of dirt and rock down a mountain or cliff; SYN. landslip.
2. An overwhelming electoral victory
Sudden downward movement of a mass of soil or rocks from a cliff or steep slope. Landslides happen when a slope becomes unstable, usually because the base has been undercut or because materials within the mass have become wet and slippery.
A mudflow happens when soil or loose material is soaked so that it no longer adheres to the slope; it forms a tongue of mud that reaches downhill from a semicircular hollow. A slump occurs when the material stays together as a large mass, or several smaller masses, and these may form a tilted steplike structure as they slide. A landslip is formed when beds of rock dipping toward a cliff slide along a lower bed. Earthquakes may precipitate landslides.

1. obronjavanje


2. obrušavanje


3. odron zemlje

muški rod

4. odronjavanje



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