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lag [ imenica ]
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A brief delay.
A saturation effect whereby the signal from an instrument endures beyond the response time after the target has been removed from the field of view. Can be caused by exposing the sensor to a target of high temperature for an extended period. The effect is expressed as the increase in response time required for the sensor to return to within of the correct reading.
A time delay between the output of a signal and the response of the instrument to which the signal is sent. A time relationship between two waveforms where a fixed reference point on one wave occurs after the same point of the reference wave.

robijaš [ muški rod ]

Zatvorenik, osuđenik.

lag [ glagol ]
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To cover with lagging to prevent heat loss
To hang (back) or fall (behind) in movement, progress,

ići sporo [ glagol ]

zaostajati [ glagol ]

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