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Sinonimi: kafir | caffer | caffre

ETYM Arabic kâfir infidel, pagan, from kafara to be skeptical in religious matters; -- a name given to certain infidel races by the Mohammedans. Related to Giaour.
(South Africa) An offensive term for any Black African; SYN. kafir, caffer, caffre.
South African English term, usually regarded as offensive, for a black person. It was formerly the designation of various Bantu-speaking peoples, including the Xhosa and Pondo of Cape Province, living in much of SE Africa. The term is also used in some countries for an unbeliever; for example, in Pakistan to refer to a Christian.

1. Bantu crnac

muški rod

2. kafir

muški rod

Uvredljiv izraz za svakog crnog Afrikanca.

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Kafir | kefir

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