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invention [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin inventio: cf. French invention. Related to Invent.
A new device or process created by study and experimentation; SYN. innovation.
The act of inventing.
The creation of something in the mind; SYN. innovation, excogitation, conception, design.
In music, a term not commonly used by composers, but made famous by Bach in his Inventions for keyboard 172In two parts, each composition is contrapuntal and highly imitative, based upon a short melodic motif or phrase. Bach’s so-called “three-part inventions” were not named as such by the composer, but rather the term “sinfonia” was used instead (Sinfonias 1723).

izum [ muški rod ]

Pronalazak, otkriće.

pronalazak [ muški rod ]

Izum, otkriće.

invencija [ ženski rod ]

Pronalaženje, izumevanje; pronalazak, izum; pronalazački dar, sposobnost pronalaženja; duhovitost, dosetljivost. (lat.)

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