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ETYM Cf. French intrusion. Related to Intrude.
Entrance by force or without permission or welcome.
Mass of igneous rock that has formed by “injection” of molten rock, or magma, into existing cracks beneath the surface of the Earth, as distinct from a volcanic rock mass which has erupted from the surface. Intrusion features include vertical cylindrical structures such as stocks, pipes, and necks; sheet structures such as dykes that cut across the strata and sills that push between them; laccoliths, which are blisters that push up the overlying rock; and batholiths, which represent chambers of solidified magma and contain vast volumes of rock.

1. intruzija

ženski rod

1. Bespravno uvlačenje ili ulaženje u zvanje; nametanje, nametljivost.
2. Uvlačenje tečne vulkanske lave u pukotine zemlje;
3. Uvlačenje, ubacivanje, prodor (vode);
4. Prenosno: nametanje, nametljivost. (lat.)

2. nametanje


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