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interjection [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin interjectio: cf. French interjection. Related to Interject.
An action or remark that interrupts; SYN. interposition, interpolation.
In grammar, an exclamation; a word or phrase that can be used on its own to express emotion (surprise, anger, relief, and so on) or attract attention: “Phew! That was a near thing!”; “Oops! You’ve done it again!”; “Psst! Want to buy a cheap bike?” Interjections have no grammatical function and carry no meaning beyond their emotional charge.

umetanje [ imenica ]

upadica [ ženski rod ]

usklik [ muški rod ]

uzvik [ muški rod ]

interjekcija [ ženski rod ]

Podnošenje žalbe (apelate) na presudu višem sudu.
Uzvik, usklik (ah, oh, jao, fuj, iš i sl.)

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