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integer [ imenica {matematika} ]
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ETYM Latin integer untouched, whole, entire. Related to Entire.
A positive or negative “whole” number, such as 3–5or 764.
A data type representing whole numbers. Calculations involving only integers are much faster than calculations involving floating-point numbers, so integers are widely used in programming for counting and numbering purposes. Integers can be signed (positive or negative) or unsigned (positive). They can also be described as long or short, depending on the number of bytes needed to store them. Short integers, stored in 2 bytes, cover a smaller range of numbers (for example, –32,7through 32,76than do long integers (for example, –2,147,483,6through 2,147,483,647), which are stored in 4 bytes. Also called: integral number. See also floating-point notation.
Any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero; SYN. whole number.
Whole number; entity.
Any whole number. Integers may be positive or negative; 0 is an integer, and is often considered positive. Formally, integers are members of the set Z = {. ---}. Fractions, such as ˝ and 0.3are known as nonintegral numbers (“not integers”).

celina [ ženski rod ]

Potpunost, celovitost.

ceo broj [ muški rod {matematika} ]

Celobrojna vrednost.

celobrojna vrednost [ ženski rod ]

Ceo broj, pozitivan ili negativan, koji nema razlomak ili decimale.

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