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inflation [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin inflatio: cf. French inflation.
A act of filling something with air.
A general and progressive increase in prices; SYN. rising prices.
In economics, a rise in the general level of prices. The many causes include cost-push inflation, which results from rising production costs. Demand-pull inflation occurs when overall demand exceeds supply. Suppressed inflation occurs in controlled economies and is reflected in rationing, shortages, and black-market prices. Hyperinflation is inflation of more than 5in one month. Deflation, a fall in the general level of prices, is the reverse of inflation.

inflacija [ ženski rod ]

Uvećavanje i puštanje u opticaj sredstava za plaćanje u znatno većem broju no što je, s obzirom na ekonomske prilike zemlje, potrebno, preterano štampanje novčanica (supr. deflacija); med. nadimanje tel usled vetrova; naduvenost. (lat.)

inflatoran [ pridev ]

nadutost [ ženski rod ]

nagomilavanje [ imenica ]

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