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inductor [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin, one who stirs up or rouses. Related to Induce.
A component designed to have a specific amount of inductance. An inductor passes direct current but impedes alternating current to a degree dependent on its frequency. An inductor usually consists of a length of wire coiled in a cylindrical or toroidal (doughnut-shaped) form, sometimes with a ferromagnetic core. See the illustration. Also called: choke.
An electrical device that introduces inductance into a circuit.
Device included in an electrical circuit because of its inductance.

induktor [ muški rod {elektrotehnika} ]

Indukcioni aparat koji pokazuje jake naponske pojave; varnični induktor.
Sprava za proizvodnju električne struje visokog napona pomoću istosmerne struje niskog napona (lat.)

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