illegitimacy | englesko - srpski prevod



Unlawfulness by virtue of not being authorized by or in accordance with law.
In law, the status of a child born to a mother who is not legally married; a child may be legitimized by subsequent marriage of the parents. The nationality of the child is usually that of the mother.
Illegitimacy, depending on state laws, affects inheritance rights with respect to a father and may give rise to actions for judicial determination of paternity and subsequent economic responsibility toward the child.

1. bespravnost

ženski rod

2. ilegitimitet

muški rod

Nezakonitost, neosnovanost; poreklo iz nezakonitog braka, vanbračnost; ilegitimetna tužba, prav. tužba kojom se osporava zakonitost deteta rođenog od supruge. (lat.)

3. ilegitimnost

ženski rod

Ilegitimitet (lat.)

4. vanbračnost

ženski rod

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