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ice [ imenica ]
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ETYM Old Eng. is, iis, as. îs; aksin to Dutch ijs, German eis, Old High Germ. îs, Icel. îss, Swed. is, Dan. iis, and perh. to Eng. iron.
Solid formed by water when it freezes. It is colorless and its crystals are hexagonal. The water molecules are held together by hydrogen bonds.
The freezing point of ice, used as a standard for measuring temperature, is 0ş for the Celsius and Réaumur scales and 32ş for the Fahrenheit. Ice expands in the act of freezing (hence burst pipes), becoming less dense than water (0.91at 5şC/41şF).
Water frozen in the solid state; SYN. water ice.
The frozen part of a body of water.

led [ muški rod ]

Kristalno agregatno stanje vode, smrznuta voda.

ice [ glagol ]
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To put ice on or put on ice

zalediti se [ glagol ]

ice [ imenica {kulinarstvo} ]
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A frozen dessert with fruit flavoring (especially one containing no milk); SYN. frappe.

sladoled [ muški rod {kulinarstvo} ]

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