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A connection between an element in a hypertext document, such as a word, a phrase, a symbol, or an image, and a different element in the document, another document, a file, or a script. The user activates the link by clicking on the linked element, which is usually underlined or in a color different from the rest of the document to indicate that the element is linked. Hyperlinks are indicated in a hypertext document through tags in markup languages such as SGML and HTML. These tags are generally not visible to the user. Also called: hot link, hypertext link, link. See also anchor (definition 2), HTML, hypermedia, hypertext, URL.
(Computers) A link between one computerized text and another, usually activated by clicking on the it; the reader is then presented with the new text.
Link from one document to another or, within the same document, from one place to another. It can be activated by clicking on the link with a mouse. The link is usually highlighted in some way, for example by the inclusion of a small graphic. Documents linked in this way are described as hypertext. Examples of programs that use hypertext and hyperlinks are Windows help files, Acrobat, and Mosaic.

1. hiperveza

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