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Sinonimi: aquiculture

A technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients; SYN. aquiculture.
cultivation of plants without soil, by supporting them in chemical solution containing all ingredients necessary for growth.
Cultivation of plants without soil, using specially prepared solutions of mineral salts. Beginning in the 1930s, large crops were grown by hydroponic methods, at first in California but since then in many other parts of the world.
Julius von Sachs (1832–1897) 1860 and W Knop 1865 developed a system of plant culture in water whereby the relation of mineral salts to plant growth could be determined, but it was not until about 1930 that large crops could be grown. The term was first coined by US scientist W F Gericke.

1. hidroponika

ženski rod

Uzgajanje biljaka bez upotrebe zemlje, fabrika.

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