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Sinonimi: Ho | atomic number 67

ETYM New Lat., of uncertain origin.
Silvery, metallic element of the lanthanide series, symbol Ho, atomic number 67, atomic weight 164.93. It occurs in combination with other rare-earth metals and in various minerals such as gadolinite. Its compounds are highly magnetic.
The element was discovered in 1878, spectroscopically, by the Swiss chemists L Soret and Delafontaine, and independently in 1879 by Swedish chemist Per Cleve (1840–1905), who named it after Stockholm, near which it was found.
A trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group; occurs together with yttrium; forms highly magnetic compounds; SYN. Ho, atomic number 67.

1. hemijski element

muški rod

2. holmij

muški rodhemija

3. holmijum

muški rodhemija

4. lantanid

muški rodhemija

Retki metal, retka zemlja.

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