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hog [ imenica {životinja} ]
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ETYM Prob. akin to Eng. hack to cut, and meaning orig., a castrated boar; cf. also W. hwch swine, sow, Armor. houch, hoch. Related to Haggis, Hogget, and Hoggerel.
A sheep up to the age of one year; one yet to be sheared; SYN. hogget, hogg.
Domestic swine; SYN. pig, Sus scrofa.
Member of the pig family.
The river hog Potamochoerus porcus lives in Africa, south of the Sahara. Reddish or black, up to 1.3 m/4.2 ft long plus tail, and cm/3 ft at the shoulder, this gregarious animal roots for food in many types of habitat. The giant forest hog Hylochoerus meinerzthageni lives in thick forests of central Africa and grows up to 1.9 m/6 ft long.

svinja [ ženski rod {životinja} ]

Domaća životinja, svaštojed, uzgaja se radi mesa i slanine.
Prljav čovek (fig.)

vepar [ muški rod {životinja} ]

hog [ glagol ]
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To take greedily; take more than one's share.

ugrabiti [ glagol ]

zgrabiti [ glagol ]

uzimati pohlepno [ glagol ]

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