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(Homonym: hey).
Grass mowed and cured for use as fodder.
Preserved grass used for winter livestock feed. The grass is cut and allowed to dry in the field before being removed for storage in a barn.
The optimum period for cutting is when the grass has just come into flower and contains most feed value. During the natural drying process, the moisture content is reduced from 70–80% down to a safe level of 20%. In normal weather conditions, this takes from two to five days, during which time the hay is turned by machine to ensure even drying. Hay is normally baled before removal from the field.
2.47 acres/1 hectare of grass can produce up to 7.3 tons/7.5 metric tons of hay.

1. seno


Sasušena trava, sliuži kao stočna hrana.

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