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Physical exercises, originally for health and training (so called from the way in which men of ancient Greece trained: gymnos “naked”). The gymnasia were schools for training competitors for public games.
Men’s gymnastics includes high bar, parallel bars, horse vault, rings, pommel horse, and floor exercises. Women’s gymnastics includes asymmetrical bars, side horse vault, balance beam, and floor exercises. Also popular are sports acrobatics, performed by gymnasts in pairs, trios, or fours to music, where the emphasis is on dance, balance, and timing, and rhythmic gymnastics, choreographed to music and performed by individuals or six-girl teams, with small hand apparatus such as a ribbon, ball, or hoop.
Gymnastics was first revived in 19th-century Germany as an aid to military strength, and was also taken up by educationists including Froebel and Pestalozzi, becoming a recognized part of the school curriculum. Today it is a popular spectator sport.
A sport that involves exercises intended to display strength and balance and agility.

1. gimnastika

ženski rod

Vežbanje tela po određenom sistemu radi jačanja i očvršćavanja organizma, te da ostane gipko i skladno.
Kod starih Grka: veština telesnog vežbanja (skakanja, okretanja, rvanja i plivanja); danas: veština telesnog vežbanja radi higijensko-estetskih ciljeva.

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