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ETYM Old Eng. graihund, greihound, greahund, grihond, Icel. greyhundr; grey greyhound + hundr dog; cf. AS. grîghund. The origin of the first syllable is unknown.
A tall slender dog of an ancient breed noted for swiftness and keen sight; used as a racing dog.
Ancient breed of dog, with a long narrow head, slight build, and long legs. It stands up to 75 cm/30 in tall. It is renowned for its swiftness, and can exceed 60 kph/40 mph. Greyhounds were bred to hunt by sight, their main quarry being hares. Hunting hares with greyhounds is the basis of the ancient sport of coursing. Track-based greyhound racing is a popular spectator sport.
The Italian greyhound is similar in build to the ordinary greyhound, but very much smaller, weighing only about 3.6 kg/8 lb.

1. hrt

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Lovački pas, najbrži pas.

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