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Sinonimi: Hylobates lar

ETYM Cf. French gibbon.
Any of several small S Asian apes of the genus Hylobates, including the subgenus Symphalangus. The common or lar gibbon H. lar is about 60 cm/2 ft tall, with a body that is hairy except for the buttocks, which distinguishes it from other types of apes. Gibbons have long arms and no tail. They are arboreal in habit, and very agile when swinging from branch to branch. On the ground they walk upright, and are more easily caught by predators.
The siamang S. syndactylus is the largest of the gibbons, growing to 90 cm/36in tall. It is entirely black. Gibbons are found from Assam through the Malay peninsula to Borneo, but are becoming rare, with certain species classified as endangered.
Smallest and most perfectly anthropoid arboreal ape having long arms and no tail; of southern Asia and East Indies; SYN. Hylobates lar.

1. gibon

muški rodživotinja

Antropoidni majmun, živi u Jugoistočnoj Aziji, odlikuje se naročito veoma dugim rukama.
Najmanja vrsta čovekolikog majmuna.

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