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fuse [ imenica {elektrotehnika} ]
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ETYM For fusee, fusil a firelock.
Any device by which an explosive charge is ignited; SYN. fuze, fusee, fuzee, primer.
Can interrupt the flow of electrical current when it is overloaded; SYN. electrical fuse.
A circuit element that burns out or breaks when the current passing through it exceeds a certain level. A fuse protects a circuit from damage caused by excess current. It performs the same function as a circuit breaker, but it cannot be reset, so it must be replaced if it breaks. A fuse consists of a short length of wire of a specific composition and thickness; the thicker the wire, the more current it can pass before the wire melts and breaks the circuit.
In electricity, a wire or strip of metal designed to melt when excessive current passes through. It is a safety device to stop at that point in the circuit when surges of current would otherwise damage equipment and cause fires. In explosives, a fuse is a cord impregnated with chemicals so that it burns slowly at a predetermined rate. It is used to set off a main explosive charge, sufficient length of fuse being left to allow the person lighting it to get away to safety.

fitilj [ muški rod ]

Vrpca za paljenje eksploziva.

osigurač [ muški rod {elektrotehnika} ]

Uređaj koji nadzire protok struke i isključuje napajanje ukoliko ona pređe određeni nivo. Osigurač sprečava preopterećenje, kratke spojeve i uništenje ili oštećenje ličnih dobara većeg opsega.

upaljač [ muški rod ]

fuse [ glagol ]
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To become plastic or fluid or liquefied from heat.
To equip with a fuse; provide with a fuse.
To make liquid or plastic by heating.

rastopiti [ glagol ]

rastopiti se [ glagol ]

sjediniti [ glagol ]

fizionisati [ glagol ]

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