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fracture [ imenica ]
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ETYM Latin fractura, from frangere, fractum, to break: cf. French fracture. Related to Fraction.
Break in the continuity of a bone, with or without displacement of any fragments. It may be pathological, the result of a relatively mild injury to an already diseased bone (as in osteomalacia and Paget's disease), or, more often, it is the result of an injury to healthy bone.
Types of fracture.
A clean break that does little damage to the surrounding tissues and leaves the overlying skin intact is known as a simple fracture. An open or compound fracture is one where the skin is broken, exposing the site to the air. A comminuted fracture is one where the bone is broken into more than two pieces, usually the result of a crushing injury. An incomplete break in a long bone of a child is known as a greenstick fracture.
Treatment is by reduction (manipulation) with or without some form of fixation or traction. Fractures also need to be immobilized, usually by some form of splintage such as plaster of Paris. Healing of broken bones is known as union. It depends on the formation of callus that serves as a natural bone cement.
A genetically engineered protein that triggers the regrowth of bone was undergoing tests 19for use in healing non-union fractures where the two parts of a broken bone fail to join up.
Breaking of hard tissue such as bone; SYN. break.
The act of cracking something; SYN. crack, cracking.

fraktura [ ženski rod ]

med. Prelom (kosti);
Gotica (šiljasta azbuka).

prelamanje [ imenica ]

prelom [ muški rod ]

Prelamanje, lom, fraktura.

pukotina [ ženski rod ]

fracture [ glagol ]
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To become broken.
To break into pieces.
To break.
To violate or abuse.
To interrupt, break, or destroy.

slomiti [ glagol ]

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